It is with the freshness that we began our journey in the world of fish marketing, and it is the freshness that made us known as sector specialists. We have become a leader in the marketing of various fish species in Italy (and a reference point for Europe) thanks to competence, structured organization and, above all, thanks to the timeliness that distinguish us in providing our various assortment of fresh fish.


Needlefish, Alalunga, Alice, Alletterato, Anguilla, Southern lobster, Herring, Lobster, American lobster, Boga, Sea bass, Brotola, Busbana, Squid, Atlantic squid, Canestrello, Atlantic razor clam, Atlantic scallop, Cephalus, Grouper, Atlantic grouper, Golden grouper , Mussel, Dental 23no, Atlantic Snapper.

Gallinella, Turkish Crayfish, Pink Shrimp, Granciporro Atlantico, Granseola, Grongo, Halibut.

Lampuga, Lanzardo, Latterino, Mako, Tropical prawns, Saithe, Northern cod, Molva, Murmur, Moscardino, White common ocard, Hake, Glimpse, Common pelvis, Sea bream, Concave oyster.

Pagello, Pagello brittle, Spider crab, Bonito, Palombo, Pangasius, Corncob, Flounder, African perch, Scallop fish, St. Peter’s fish, Swordfish, Plaice, Octopus, American monkfish, Breed, North Atlantic breed, Amberjack, Amberjack Pacific, Atlantic turbot, Turbot, Toad, Lipstick, Salmon, Salpa, Sarago, Sardina, Scampano, Scorpion fish, Atlantic scorpion fish, Black scorpion fish, Pink scorpion fish, Cuttlefish, Mackerel, Soaso, Sole, Atlantic sole, Ocean sole, Spinarolo, Suro, Tombarello, Tuna with yellow fins, Bigeye tuna, Squid, Giant squid of the Pacific, Atlantic mullet, Mud mullet, Red mullet, Eastern red mullet, Rainbow trout.

Vongola verace.

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